What makes AYS, truly unique is the way that we introduce local ingredients to your Ayurveda - Spa experience – fruits, plant and minerals – many with a clearly documented traditional history of soothing or healing properties to heal, refresh and rejuvenate.Located in Fort cochin, which is dearly called -"The queen of seas"-Tropical climate favors Ayurveda and healing.

For millennia’s, aesthetically inclined societies have sought the powerful antioxidants and herbal properties of Ayurveda to promote healing and relieving stress. Here at AYS, the healing wonders of homemade oils are infused into our unique skin treatments, products, and personalized therapies to bring out –“ the real you”.

At the AYS, pure herbal therapies, serene environment, and our unique client-centric approach to wellbeing all unify to create an elevated state of rejuvenation and renewal. Here, individual treatments become a completely customized experience, in which your personal wellbeing and aesthetic expectations are the sole objective of the session.

 Following a holistic analysis of your unique characteristics and concerns, After your consultation, your therapist will tailor each session for results that achieve a desired balance of physical and emotional revitalization.

 Leave behind the stress of daily life & enter an oasis of serenity, for a journey towards physical and spiritual well-being. Indulge yourself in the ultimate pampering with a wide selection of Ayurveda, spa and Ayurveda health packages designed for your personal rejuvenation.

We are committed to delivering a personalised experience to meet your every need, whether you have 30 minutes or 3 hours, allow us to take care of you.